The Three Most Effective Baccarat Strategies (Part 2)


In my previous post, I discussed four major Baccarat patterns. In this trend switch fighting strategy, you essentially switch between trends 1 and 2.

Begin with a flat bet and adhere to the rules of those two patterns. Thus, rather than halting and waiting for a catalyst after losing twice on one trend, you simply switch to the other trend. If you incorporate my Strategy 3: ‘Breaking the Doubles’ into this pattern turn fighting strategy, you will be gambling like a pro.

Your total stop loss should be slightly higher, approximately 12-points, and your target should be approximately 8-points. With this strategy, you’ll benefit from both trends while maintaining control. You’ll have your secret double down moment, and the odds of hitting your target are very likely, at 65 percent, as are the odds of missing your target but profiting, at 85 percent on average in both cases, in two out of every three shoes.


This is one of my favorite Baccarat strategies, and the title of my novel is “The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1.”

This is your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Baccarat from a professional. I use my strategy almost every time I wager on a Casino Sites(카지노사이트).’ On the other hand, the home despises it!

Is it possible to overcome the house edge? Given that zigzagged streaks and a combination of Banker and Player AND zigzagged streaks account for approximately 90% of all Baccarat shoe outcomes, the answer is a resounding yes! To put it another way, if you are wearing a losing shoe, you will be aware of it and will take action to stop it.

The majority of footwear features zigzag B/P and dual outcomes: Streaks of PP BB Players and/or Bankers are more likely to occur in clusters, such as adjacent to or within a short distance of one another.


In reality, quite the opposite is true. If the zigzagged pattern persists, place a wager on it.
If you haven’t achieved your objective (I recommend three to five unit victories), and you come across a double:

DOUBLE DOWN ONCE IF YOU LOSE. In the preceding example, the loser was the fourth Banker from the left, i.e. the Banker who established the double Bank. Once upon a time, you would double down on your wager. As a result, the fifth player’s ‘double is broken!’

As you can see, I’ve also horizontally arranged the outcome sequence and included the plus unit wins for steps 1 and 2.

Maintain the rules for the first two steps until you reach your target. Your average stop loss on each shoe played should be $9 with this strategy. When you encounter streaks of Bankers and Players, you have two options: continue playing or exit the game once you reach your goal.

  • If you lose your double down bet, the double bet is null and void. As shown in the example below, pause and wait for a reset. You must have bet on the P 2, as the circled B triggered another bet. Exit the shoe, especially if it is only halfway full and you are losing money. However, if a shoe exhibits extremely straight, consecutive B/P streaks in the first half, there is a good chance it will exhibit zigzagged streaks in the second half. Consider the following hypothetical situation: